Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Smile

When I come home from work, a little two year old boy runs to the door and with a huge smile yells, "Daddy!!!" when I walk through the door. He has a square face and his smile stretches across it. I love seeing the smile and hearing him yell, "Daddy!!!"

His smile and yell of "Daddy!!!" mean a lot to me because I am not his natural father. His natural father wants nothing to do with him. He is my foster child. Before living with me, he lived with his single mother. His father is not involved with him in any way. I don't even think he knows who is father is. While not having a father is bad enough, his mother didn't take care of him either. So, the state removed him, his older brother and younger sister, from her. He and his sister now live with me. The little boy needs a Dad and I am glad that I can be his Dad. It is great when he yells "Daddy!!!" and gives me a big smile.

I hope I will continue to see the smile and hear the "Daddy!!!" Naturally, his mother wants her children back. At this point, a judge will decide whether the children will ever return to their mother. If they don't return to their mother, then they will probably stay with me and, perhaps, even be adopted by us. If he returns to his mother, I fear for him. While I fear that she will not take care of him, I am certain that she will not be able to provide the role of a father that he needs. The future of a boy who grows up without a father and with a single mother who does not know how to care for her children is not bright. Beyond his future on earth, I don't know if he will ever know and accept the love of Jesus as his Savior. If he stays with me, I know he will be exposed to the love of God and he will know of his need for a Savior. But, these things are out of my control. Tomorrow, I look forward to seeing his smile again.

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