Thursday, September 6, 2012

Faith and Expectations (a personal struggle with faith)

To understand this post, please read my prior post about Praying For a Miracle.

I am writing this the night before the court conducts a mediation for my foster children. The purpose of the mediation is to convince the mother of my foster children to allow us to adopt her four children, which would also terminate her parental rights.  From a human standpoint, the mediation will be a waste of time and nothing will change.  But I am praying for a miracle, praying that God will change the mother's mind and it will be obvious to everyone that God performed a miracle.

Now my dilemma.  Can God perform this miracle?  Absolutely yes.  I have absolute faith and confidence that He can perform this miracle.

But, I do not know if He will perform the miracle. 

Do I have faith or not? 

Since I know He can do the miracle, should I expect Him to do the miracle?  Since I don't know if He will perform the miracle, how can I expect Him to perform the miracle?  If I know He can do the miracle, but do not expect Him to do the miracle, do I have faith? 

Your thoughts . . .

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  1. praying with you and your family tonight bryan. and to answer your question about faith, i think it is really a matter of praying "God's will" in a situation, and trusting Him to do His will - even if it is not what we think His will is or should be. regardless of how any situation turns out, i encourage you to believe Him for the promises that you can be personally assured of in His word - promises like Romans 8:28. you are right - He can do this miracle, no doubt. so if He doesn't, trust Him. because He knows better. so much love to your family! -amy