Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Right Thing is Scary

Today was full of God doing amazing things.  But, it scares me.

 Amazing – Our ten year old foster son got baptized. 

Amazing – His mother, and two of her friends, came to church to see him get baptized.

Amazing – His mother, and her two friends, heard the gospel preached very plainly.  I don’t know where they are at spiritually, but everyone needs Christ.  The opportunity for them to hear the gospel is amazing.

Amazing – They had a positive experience at church.  They said that they have been to other churches but don’t always understand what the preacher says.  They like our pastor and understood him.

Scary – Inviting these people into our world.  Most foster parents have little, or no, contact with the birth parents.  As a foster parent, it is easier to live separately from the natural mother.  It is scary to have her into our world.  The family dynamic changes.  I wonder how the children will react to her and to me.  How will she react to us?

Scary – What if she wants to come back to church?  What if she comes back to see the kids every week?  What will it be like to have her presence in our life every week? 

While this scares me, I have to put my fears aside.  The family dynamic, my feelings, my fears, etc., are not important in comparison to the mother’s spiritual needs.  God wants me to spiritually build into the lives of these children and their mother.  Their spiritual needs are of utmost importance.  Following God is the life of faith.  Faith must prevail over fears.

Please pray for us as we follow God down this scary path.  More importantly, pray for the spiritual needs of this family.  That is their greatest need.

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