Thursday, May 16, 2013


            "Why would someone let a tiger loose?" wondered Willie.
            Jack answered, "I don't know, but I have a feeling Calvin wants to figure it out."
            "You got that right, Jack.  Follow me, I have an idea I want to check out," Calvin replied as he started running to his bike.
            The boys ran to their bikes, strapped on their helmets, pulled their backpacks over their shoulders and followed Calvin.  He led them past all of the train cars, past the caboose, and kept riding, following the tracks.  Shortly after passing the caboose, they rounded a tight curve.  Calvin stopped, as did the other two.
            "That's what I thought," Calvin said as he looked up at a sign next to the tracks.
            "Yeah, there is a sign.  So what?"  Willie asked.
            "It's a speed limit sign.  This curve is very tight.  Trains have to go real slow right here.  We heard the Sheriff talking about an explosive going off, causing the wreck.  But, the wreck was fairly minor.  The cars basically just fell off of the tracks.  It didn't look like anyone was seriously injured.  That's because the train was moving so slowly.  Someone purposefully set the explosive where the train would be going slow so the wreck would happen, but no one would get hurt.  Then he, or she, let the tiger loose."
            "Makes sense, but why set the tiger loose?"  Jack added.
            "I don't know yet.  Let's look at the train again."
            They rode back to the train, stopping at the caboose, and started looking around.  "What are we looking for?" Willie queried.
            "I don't know exactly, just look for anything that does not look right," Calvin suggested.
            Willie threw his hands in the air, "I don't know what's normal on a circus train."
            They looked around the caboose, but like Willie pointed out, they really did not know what was abnormal. 
            They climbed into the next car.  This car appeared to be some type of office.  Circus posters and tickets were scattered throughout the car.  Pens and papers were littered throughout.  Two computers were upside down, next to a printer.  A couch and chairs were upended.  Spilled coffee surrounded a broken pot.
            Jack noticed a large black box in the corner.  He approached, "Hey guys, I think I found a safe."
            Calvin and Willie scurried to the safe.  It looked normal.  Calvin grabbed the door to see if it was locked.  The door did not move, but the entire safe tumbled away from the wall, revealing the back of the safe, which had a small hole in it.
            "Wow!  I don't think that is normal," Willie pointed out.
            Running his fingers around the hole, Calvin suggested, "I think an explosive was used to blow the hole."  He reached his hand inside, "It's empty."
            Calvin stood and faced his friends, "I am guessing someone purposefully derailed the train so they could steal whatever was in the safe.  They probably freed the tiger so everyone would be forced to waste time capturing it instead of finding the thief."
            Jack nodded, "Makes sense, but unbelievable."
            "Let's go tell the Sheriff."
            Calvin climbed out of the train car, followed by Jack.  Willie emerged last.  They started to walk away, but Calvin hesitated and walked to a window of the wrecked car.  He bent over to look in the window. 
            Willie was not interested.  He sat down on the ground, laid on his back, stretched out on the ground, and closed his eyes.
            Jack walked up next to him.  "What are you looking at?"
            "Probably nothing.  I just wanted to . . ."
            Calvin stopped mid-sentence.  Suddenly, he felt himself two feet off of the ground.  Someone had grabbed Calvin and Jack by the back of their shirts and literally lifted them off the ground.

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