Sunday, June 16, 2013


In my prior posts, I have explained the situation with our foster children (the State has removed our foster daughter, B, from our home and will not return her even though her attorney and doctors say the State is wrong and she should live with us).  Two weeks ago, a hearing was scheduled to determine whether it was in B's best interests to return to us.  Unfortunately, the judge decided not to have a hearing.  So, everything has remained the same (3 boys live with us and B lives with some friends).

Now, we need more prayer for a hearing scheduled for tomorrow (Monday, June 17, 2013) in the afternoon.

The family caring for B is leaving for vacation.  They will be gone for 2 of the next 3 weeks.  They cannot take B as these plans were made months ago, before B lived with them.  So, the State wants to put her in another home; a place where she does not know the people and they do not know her.  A place where both parents work all day, so B will spend most of her time in day care.

B's attorneys want B to live with us for those 3 weeks.  The State is refusing.  So, B's attorneys are asking a judge to order the State to place B with us for the 3 weeks.

I am asking that you pray for us and the situation.  Obviously, I would like prayer for the judge and for the attorneys.

Today, the burden on my heart is that God will give mercy to B.  She is a precious 3 year old who may be forced to live with people she does not know for 3 weeks.  My heart breaks just thinking about it.  I pray that God will show her mercy and place her with people who love her.

I ask that you join us in praying for B and her brothers.  Pray that God will show mercy on them allow them to live with people they love.

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