Monday, June 3, 2013


A couple of months ago, I asked everyone to pray for the situation with our foster kids.  I greatly appreciate everyone who prayed.  We clearly saw God working.  For the past couple of months, things have been on hold, but now it is time to go into serious prayer mode again.

A quick review:  In August 2010, we became foster parents of a boy, C, who was 19 months old, and his sister, B, who was 9 months old.  In July, 2011, their mother had a baby boy, J, and he was placed in our home directly from the hospital.  In June, 2012, their older brother, D, age 8, was placed in our home.

In early March, 2013, the State removed B from our home alleging that we were not adequately taking care of her medically.  Despite their allegations, every treating doctor says that she is healthy and has been doing well in our home.  The State also planned to remove the three boys.

Since we are foster parents, not natural parents, we have no rights to contest the removal and try to keep the foster children.  We have no right to appeal or do anything.  It should have ended right there.

But, the children have lawyers, Law Guardians, who are to represent the children.  The Law Guardians believe we were taking great care of the children, the children should stay with us, and the State is harming the children by removing them.  So, the Law Guardians asked the Court to stop the State and keep the children with us, which hopefully will result in our adopting them.  Law Guardians almost never fight the State.  This is really unprecedented.

Normally, a Judge will not intervene.  In March, the Judge intervened.  While the Judge would not put B back in our home, in case the State was correct, he did order the State to place B with some friends of ours.  He also ordered the State to keep the boys with us.

Finally, he ordered that a trial would be held.  Again, this never happens.

Now:  The trial will take place on Wednesday and Thursday (June 5, 6).  Please pray.  It is always difficult to win a case against the State, so we really need God to intervene.  I believe the Law Guardians are optimistic and, even when I try to look at this matter from the State's perspective, I do not believe they have a case.  But, as I said, it is nearly impossible to beat the State in these situations.

My Wife and I will have to testify.  Pray for us as we testify, especially my Wife. We both feel we are being attacked by the State, but as a Mother, she is especially under attack.  Pray for us to have peace and not to give up.  So many times, we have felt like giving up rather than go through this battle.

Pray for the Law Guardians.  As an attorney, I wish I had control of the case and that I was handling it.  But, I cannot.  We are not even allowed to have an attorney represent us.  We are completely dependent upon the Law Guardians (in reality, I am not relying on them, but on God).  Pray that they will do a good job.

Pray for the witnesses.  Our friends who are currently caring for B will testify.  Pray they will have peace and the Judge will listen to them.  Doctors will testify.  Pray they will tell the truth and explain that B is healthy while in our care.  Pray the State workers will testify to the truth.  For 2 1/2 years, they continually told us we were doing a great job, they asked us to take 2 additional children, and wanted us to adopt all four.  They never criticized our care.  Suddenly, when they decided to remove the children, they became critical.  Pray that they will tell the truth about the care we gave B and her brothers.

Pray for the Judge.  Pray that she will discern the truth and have the courage to enter a Judgment against the State.

Even though I feel we have a good case, I also feel it is impossible to beat the State.  I feel like Elijah who wanted his altar to catch fire even though it had been drenched with water.  Like catching a wet altar on fire, I feel like we are facing a nearly impossible situation.  But, God received greater glory when he burned up the wet altar.  While this matter is tough, I pray that God will receive greater glory as He works in this tough situation.

Finally, pray that God's Will be done and we will accept it.  We believe God wants these children to be raised in our home, where we can help make them disciples.  The 9 year old already accepted Christ as his Savior (just days before the State decided to remove the children).  But, maybe God has another plan.  We pray that His plan will prevail and we will submit to it.

Thanks for praying and for your encouragement.  When we are in court on Wednesday and Thursday, I will try to post Facebook updates when we have the opportunity.

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  1. Geoff and I will be saying prayers for you and wendy, as well as all of your children!!!